Microsoft 365 price changes as of April 1st

As already stated in the mailing, the 1st price change based on the dollar exchange rate will take place on April 1, 2023. This time all license prices are adjusted by Microsoft for all EURO countries. It goes without saying that current contracts will continue to be honored, but new licenses and licenses that have to be renewed from 1 April will therefore be more expensive. They will also evaluate twice a year whether prices in the local currency are still relative to the US dollar.

We do not follow the full increase from Microsoft on our prices, some items are even slightly cheaper due to the exchange rate. We do take over from Microsoft the evaluation of the price twice a year, so it is possible that the prices fluctuate during the year.

Below we neatly list the changes for the most common licenses for you, if the license you purchase is not listed at the moment, please feel free to contact us and we will look it up in our system. For customers who currently have business in Azure, the prices will not change because the costs are already charged in dollars in Azure.

New rates April 2023

The price changes are shown in the table below for the most sold licenses at the moment, the columns indicate the new prices for 1 year (DNG-12) or cancellable per month (DNG-Flex).

When do the new rates apply?

Any new license ordered after April 1st will be included in the new price.

Every license that is purchased with the monthly cancellable feature (DNG-FLEX) will be adjusted as of April 1st.

Any license renewed with an annual agreement AFTER April 1st will be the renewal at the new rate.

For Microsoft’s message: Consistent global pricing for the Microsoft Cloud – Microsoft News Center Europe